Iconic Southern New Zealand

The Magic of Fiordland National Park.

A veritable wilderness and land of extremes. Remote beauty, wild weather, waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, fiords, wildlife and rugged coast lines.

Iconic International

A brief story on how the Venice shots came about.

For family reasons I had to visit the UK at short notice. I was, however, lucky enough to visit this favourite city of mine Venice for 4 days, sometime ago. I was with the family and so time for photography needed to fit around them. I was allowed 2 mornings and 2 evenings to go out with the camera. I had been to Venice 3 years prior when I’d come away with a winner of an image, so was keen to try and emulate this feat!

We arrived to pouring rain , which attracted moans from the party, but lifted my spirits, as it would throw up some new opportunities. it was predicted to clear 24 hours later so I was up early the following morning. I’d seen a spot I thought would be interesting on the ride into the city, but I thought I’d check out the iconic sights and visit this area after that.In the meantime I wandered and photographed my way to Rialto bridge, where to my dismay I saw sunshine!! Beautiful light actually but it ruined my plans, so I had to try and make best of the situation. In short I got some OK shots but not what I was looking for.

Next evening I had a plan, which was in essence to try and race through as many locations as possible: I had the advantage of at least knowing the city ( a bit) but I should have known better I wasn’t allowing time to work a location and predictably I returned home unhappy. Above is a variation or two on Venice’s iconic places, from this day.

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