The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) Grand Master of Photography II is the highest NZIPP Distinction. Those achieving this distinction have shown a commitment to excellence in photography over a number of years through the NZIPP Iris Awards.

Roger is also well know as an anaesthetist at Invercargill Hospital. In late 2021 he exhibited inĀ Beyond the Mask in Wellington. An event featuring paintings, photographs and sculptures, with a distinct lack of graphic depictions of medical procedures. The exhibition attracted a very interesting 17 minute interview on Radio New Zealand.


The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.

John Muir 1901

Roger empowers his images to reflect his journey through life and how he sees, finds and interprets the subjects presented.

Light, transitions, design and composition are important elements in his work.


My primary work is as a doctor. I divide my spare time between my wonderful family, life and creative passion for making images. I have successfully published 3 books of landscape photography of New Zealand. I am  interested in allowing my images to reflect my journey through life and how I see, find and interpret the subjects before me. We all take a different path and so have different stories to tell. For me my chosen medium is photography. Light, transitions, design and composition are important elements in my images.

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