A weekend in Christchurch

6 June 2013

The Cardboard Cathedral

This was my first visit there post the Quake. So much had been written on this subject that I am unlikely to add much more to the understanding of this situation. Here are a few of my observations and images.

Driving in and around the city is an exercise in patience and tolerance. Detours are the norm and can change day to day, the undulating roads are a test of the suspension and digestion and massive cranes appear in the oddest of residential locations. Entering the City centre was all the things that I’d read about, vast areas of wasteland, barracades and building sites. But I was surprised to see so many buildings still standing and so much still functional,how overgrown it all was and how there the new and the spirit of Christchurch was emerging out of the “ashes”. This is what the title image seeks to depict, this is the “Cardboard Cathedral which sits on what looks like a car yard lot, opposite a curious but captivating arrangement of white garden chairs which I believe represent one for each life lost.

Also included are some images that I think caught the mood and story of the city during my visit.