Venice 2013

21 May 2013

City of Romance

It has been a while since the last blog. For family reasons I had to visit the UK at short notice.I was, however,  lucky enough to visit this favourite city of mine for 4 days, two weeks ago. I was with the family and so time for photography needed to fit around them. I was allowed 2 mornings and 2 evenings to go out with the camera. I had been to Venice 3 years prior when I’d come away with a winner of an image, so was keen to try and emulate this feat!!

We arrived to pouring rain , which attracted moans from the party, but lifted my spirits, as it would throw up some new opportunities. it was predicted to clear 24 hours later so I was up early the following morning. I’d seen a spot I thought would be interesting on the ride into the city, but I thought I’d check out the iconic sights and visit this area after that.In the meantime I wandered and photographed my way to Rialto bridge, where to my dismay I saw sunshine!! Beautiful light actually but it ruined my plans, so I had to try and make best of the situation. In short I got some OK shots but not what I was looking for.
Next evening I had a plan, which was in essence to try and race through as many locations as possible: I had the advantage of at least knowing the city ( a bit) but I should have known better I wasn’t allowing time to work a location and predictably I returned home unhappy. Here is a variation on an iconic image from this day.

Gondolas at St. Marks

The sortie I decided to go for my spot X location by the fishing nets, the light wasn’t as I would have preferred and I missed the Vaporetto which risked direct suniight as I had to wait another 20 minutes. Some impressive Cumulus clouds catching the pink rays of the rising sun and reflecting pink on the Grand Canal (shame I wasn’t at St Marks right then!). I reckoned on having a largely wasted trip, but I’d made the effort to get up so I’d go. Some half an hour and after a boat ride and walk of faith (the map didn’t depict the roads in this area well) I was at my location. By the ocean and close to the fishing nets. Given that Venice is a maritime city built on trade and image of this area actually is representative of the city, but in my mind not cliched. Fortunately, a combination of cloud to the east, and well placed trees afforded another 30 minutes shade. As I worked the scene I noted that the beautiful large cumulus clouds were now reflecting white light which if I adjusted my camera position worked to isolate the the dark fishing nets from their background. Perfect!
Now at last I’d got what I came to Venice for something I was happy with, something different and now the urgency to search was gone. Here is one of the images from this series.

Shipping Lane Venice

With that in mind my last excursion was much more relaxed, one location, looking for one shot and happy to work it over the period of a couple of hours as the light changed.

This is the title shot.

I would appreciate feedback on this shot.