“Expression Beats Perfection”

2 March 2013

A Spectacular start to a special day 28/02/13

This is a quote from aclaimed portrait photographer Bambi Cantrell, which I guess makes the point that catching an expression or a moment is far more important than achieving technical perfection and usually the common thread to these two aspects are emotion.

On Thursday I was privileged to witness and photograph the second birth of a son. It is a most amazing experience. In the early stages the family and ladies gather, there is much banter, taking care of details and alot of waiting

Making preparations!


But anticipation mixed with fear and anxiety are just below the surface.

Then the contractions start and my poor wife has to start meeting each contraction with a fierce resolve.


Although there are many present she reaches into herself for strength.

And then the final tumult of second stage and birth. The mother has to give everything and yet let go or submit to everything to release the new life. I witnessed an amazing communication and trust between woman and midwife to achieve an intact and healthy result.

Photographing this when part of the action was extremely challenging and in particular achieving technical perfection.Featured here are a collection of images which are I hope high on emotion.