Following the third trimester.

26 January 2013

Pregnancy is an amazing time. New life forms,grows and takes form. In the third trimester there is a full blossoming of growth and feminity. For the woman, however, the reality is a little less romantic at times: fatigue, back pain, tummy pain, skin itch and increased appetite to name but a few of the ailments. There is also a frisson of excitement and anticipation mixed with trepidation about the new arrival and the looming labour.

And so I extend a big thank you to my wife for modeling for some of the images we have been posting. She is a stunning  and natural (if not always co-operative!!) model.

Today was clear skies and hot, so we headed out to the sea this evening hoping to shoot some images of her coming out of the water. However, this is Southland and so when we got there it was windy and the water (although relatively warm) looked uninviting. So I got a catagoric rejection of that idea. Knowing better than to argue I worked with what I had. Later evening light would also have been nice as well as more time to work angles and lenses but nevertheless less I am pleased and grateful for what I got.

I hope that in time as we look back these times and memories hold a special place for us. Thank hun xx