A Wild Start to the 2013

14 January 2013

A cycle of highs and wild front ravage fronts has been characteristic of the current weather pattern this summer. Wind has been a challenge and feature of these lows.

The title image was in Wanaka taken on a walk on the morning before the big two day storm of last week descended. The tree was buffeted and the lake chopped up by the westerlies, a rainbow persisted for an unusual period of time.

The following night it was pouring and I saw 5-10 lightening strikes in the period of 2 hours huddled perhaps foolhardy under an umbrella. I still have to process those images. I love the excitement of such weather, dramatic unusual and with a frisson of danger. You can feel the pressure in the air.


Then yesterday a gentle sunny start, followed by a dramatic drop in temperature and a brief shower and then the most powerful westerly combined with high tide that I have seen in summer here in Invercargill. Keeping the camera steady in such conditions is nigh on impossible (does anyone know any tricks?).

Anyway enjoy the images and I hope they depict the underlying topic…wind!