Pregnancy Triptych

31 December 2012

It is easy not to get around to capturing the stuff that goes around you, but pregnancy is too special a phase not to be recorded. For me it is a period of blossoming and peak maturation of femininity and womanhood. New life is growing and physiologically massive changes are occurring in preparation for the tumult of birth.

This is the stuff of life.

I managed to persuade Kara to pose for a very brief shoot on Oreti beach on Saturday. Short because of the rapid onset of rain. In those fleeting moments and in stunning iridiscent light I shot over 100 images. Here are 3 that we like and I’ve processed. Aside from the light and landscape I love the interaction between mother and existing child.

Even now these moments have passed but the shots have been processed and printed. Soon they will be framed and will become a small part of our family’s history. Memories that we will increasingly treasure.