View from Shanghai

26 November 2012

A stopover in Shanghai. A mixture of relief and disappointment that even cultures like China are seemingly more similar to ours than different. This place is westernized: Starbucks , Subway signs in English, high rises so that it feels like any other large city. But a closer look reveals that much is new , less than 20 years old. What was it like before then I wonder? And the size of things here. airport Massive, new, high tech, port rows of huge container ships CBS cranes, apartment blocks whole cities, highways multi lane and free flowing. And finally one thought the people out on the streets look well clothed heeled with I phones etc. they appear as affluent as many westerners. Granted the interior will be different there must have been a big increase in living standards for whole swathes of people here.
This is a modern day powerhouse. Fascinating to witness for a fleeting day.



Above is the airport my taxi drive whilst weaving at 110kmh through all lanes if traffic past lines of cars parked on the hard shoulder (toilet stops Chinese style) and masses of residential development. I did the maths for fun. 20floors 10 apartments per floor ( but it could easily be 2-4 times that depending on dwelling size) that’s about 200 apartments so roughly 1000 people per block. In one area there were 5 rows of five in the size of probably 10 acres that half or even all of Invercargill in that place!!