Jewish Cemetery Prague

12 November 2012

Today was my one free day to sightsee. So after a slow start, good but mainly healthy breakfast ( c/o the wonderful Hotel Josef clean and great food and central) I made haste to see the Jewish Cemetery where more than 12000 stones are jam packed into less than probably 4 acres and many more don’t have stones! Among them are some famous names. The cemetery is set amongst now autumnal trees behind high walls beside a small chapel. It was the inside of this that had a profound affect on me. The walls are whitewashed, photography is forbidden and filling the panels of each wall ( where a window would normally sit ) and each wall panel is inscribed with thousands of names in red ink and following each name two dates. Norhing else no explanations. At the alter of this chapel/ monument are more names in columns on each side of a window , Belson, Dachau etc.
I felt simultaneously sick and sad. How many names were young or even very young so many lives cut so short. The horror and futility. I can understand how the Jews will not let this happen again. Anyway enclosed another I phone grab to give a flavor of the place.