Wellington, parenting and computer crashes

25 September 2012

It’s been an interesting week!

We visited Wellington as a family. My wife attended a conference and I earned my chips minding the kids. I was reminded how long it takes to get anywhere with toddlers and without a car. So we finally made Te Papa by afternoon! For anyone who is passing through Wellington I must recommend the wonderful exhibition of Maori cloaks. Both visually stunning and fascinating gaining some insight to the skills and resourcefulness and sustainability demonstrated by the Maori people.

By the end of the day I was in bed by 8!!!

So it meant I awoke at 4 am so nothing for it but off for a walk to see the transition from seedy end of Friday night through to Saturday am. The title image is one from this mini trip.

My other major happening has been the demise of my laptop, apparently and insidious decline from minor water damage some months ago. I have therefore had to think and re think the issues around technology. Thank goodness for back ups, I need better systems of filing. Then there is the replacing of machines and that is where it gets interesting. I’m an Apple man and I was lusting for the top end Macbook Pro, solid state drive, retina display slimmest Macbook Pro yet. So Sleek, light, beautiful and fast as a rocket ship.


On further investigation I find that under the bonnet:

everything is glued, so if one thing breaks it all needs replacing.

Or if you want to upgrade…you can’t

And the latest batteries for the I pad are built to last for 300 charges only.

In other words they are built with a built in death clock, built to be thrown away after 1-2 years i suspect. I don’t like it. Be warned.

It got me thinking wider to our cameras and our files. How long will they last? All our hard earnt magical moments are extremely precarious living in the electronic ether somewhere. As the technology changes storage is changing, software is changing and the hardware has no longevity. I think that we’re a bit suckered in and a bit trapped.

My solutions. In short I don’t have many but I’m tending to print images more and am considering a return to film in some form. Only considering.

And so to my title image. I like it because of the light, composition and hopefully it makes you think. It’s all real. I’d be interested in feedback.

And by the way I’m going for the basic Macbook Pro that can still be fixed and Up graded and am going to look into a waterproof protector.