Farewell to the i phone!

30 August 2012

THis week I heard an amazing the fact. Sales this year of the i phone exceeded the cumulative sales of Microsoft. This is a company that was all ascendent 10 years ago, Bill Gates the world’s richest man and it’s Windows Operating systems on virtually every computer and the latest releases eagerly awaited. Personally, if I was with Apple or investing in Apple I would be worried; being at the top and staying there is hard, usually there is only one direction from there. Now this small gadget that we think we need to live our busy, connected, instant and materialistic lives has become a worldwide necessity.

And so it was that I faced up to this fact after a run last week. Baby in the pram, dog in tow I went for a jog around the estuary and got caught out by a full blown Southerly shower. So to keep bubz happy under his rain shield I gave him the phone to play with ( it’s amazing that a one year old both loves the device and can figure out how to use it!) convincing myself he was in a drier place than I was was. When drenched and bedraggled we arrived back at the car I found that Nico had biffed the phone into the pram and so there it lay in the most dependent part of the pram, in a puddle. So I tried all the tips, place it in rice, in the airing cupboard, but nah!


So now the choice to I buy a phone or an i phone?!

Reality I’ve become attached/dependent/addicted to this device,so yes!

But why? The versatility, connectivity and camera and apps.

So fortunately I’d backed up most of my better i phone shots (but not all)

So in memory of my old i phone here are a few shots!

All taken because I had a camera on me :able to capture the moment.
And now I have a new phone and a waterproof cover!!