July 18, Opportunities in the rain!

18 July 2012

Rush Hour, Auckland

Family time in Auckland in the rain provided challenges for photography.Whilst pushing a basic pram around the CBD at rush hour in the steady rain I was struck by the wonderful light and body language of people in this environment (and also the patience of my child! Actually we had fun exploring the big city together!).

I could have done with a longer zoom, a higher ISO and maybe a tripod, but I love the backlighting, the contorted shapes of figures hurrying between places of shelter and weaving amongst traffic as they head to (presumably) work, to start another day.

In some of the images they are reminiscent to me of the “Matchstick Men” of LS Lowry. There’s no cats or dogs but whilst they are too small to be personal they do make us pause to wonder where they are rushing to, what is occupying their minds and who they are.

Purposeful Commuter


So father and son spent a soggy hour, did some errands and tasted the bus service in Auckland. I was impressed. Timely, clean, friendly , helpful and door to door  Central City to Kohimara in less than 20 minutes and for less than $5 :you couldn’t park for that! So Aucklanders hook into your public transport!