Hawaii Review 1

2 July 2012

Hawaii My review Part 1

2 July 2012


Coastal Palms

A holiday is many things for a family and is alot about catering to a diversity of needs and hence compromise. Landscape photography I have come to realise takes time: planning , which involves research before arriving at an area, scoping the area, watching the light and being free at he right time. Then there is the equipment side of things and finally the execution in the field. This takes time ad involves basically getting to know a location as intimately as possible. Whilst I still try and take my camera on trips  with the family I am slowly realising that this method doesn’t yield outstanding results.  And so I have tried to adapt to capturing subjects close to me and often past daylight hours. Here this has been frustrating as it has meant foregoing the best and more iconic areas.

Avenue of Trees


Enclosed in this blog are a collection of such images and as you will see there seem to have been an accidental theme of trees.


I would welcome feedback on this work as I have been forced to try and push my boundaries in producing this stuff.

Manicured Tree Family


In addition I will post some more touristy type snaps mainly from a chopper trip of the Island of Kauai. this is the oldest and most northerly Island Of the Hawaiian islands. It has a unique, stunning and sheer west Coast, an extinct central volcano (the wettest place on earth), a canyon (second only to the Grand Canyon for size) and some stunning surf and beaches, It is about 35 by 25 miles. GO to my Roger Wandless Facebook page to view these.

Lone Acacia

I will hopefully post more images as I get time to process and also some family shots.