“Lost” in Hawaii!

27 June 2012

Swimming area Honolulu

I have been reminded about the importance of mental checklists in photography whether it be checking your various camera settings in the field, checking your gear before a trip and checking it again after a shoot. I am OK at the first, but to be honest technology safety nets for me now, am good on the second but can be pretty poor on the last.

So with our recent trip to Hawaii I packed tripod camera filter spare battery charger, card reader and shutter release. I grabbed a tripod plate and put it into the top of the tripod to enure it fit.

So day one I’m on Waikiki beach, setting sun, good location, Nico in bed…all set. The sun is literally setting I pull my camera out and go to screw the tripod plate onto the camera base….the screw is too big…..! What!!!! I have no idea what camera it fits to. How can this happen? Damn! Damn! Damn! I assume there is a collar on it so put it into my teeth and simply scrape some spare enamel off! OK deep breath, focus, roll with it. I improvise and find that I can balance the camera (precariously ) onto the head if it is set at angle. I get some salvage shots albeit post sunset!

Then a couple of days later at busier location I have precious filter on> I want to take this time exposure shot, put on my shoes (I’m barefoot in seawater…!) and then pack my stuff, and run 200yds to a jetty before the light finally goes. I thought that I packed everything, but obviously I didn’t. In my haste I presume that I put the filter down somewhere, donned my shoes and then ran. I guess that we get so focuses on the moment that we do it at the expense of everything else.


This is the challenge of photography. It is probably my strength and weakness as a photographer and a person. Right now I’m really grotted as I’m minus a piece of kit I really want to use at a location I may never visit again. The challenge is to roll with it, learn from it and turn the adversity into some fine work.

So above is an i phone shot from the location where the filter was lost.

So folks look after your kit!