June 13th. A personal interpretation of Western Australia.

13 June 2012




It is a reflection of the hectic pace of things of late,  that I am just getting around to posting about our recent travels. This was a work related trip to attend an anesthetic conference in Perth. There was the usual mix of excellent organization, interesting lectures, meeting old friends and  making new ones. The standout for me paradoxically was a workshop on communication which illustrated some interesting points about human behaviour: such as self v sustainability, fairness v benefit and creating value in a solution. It was particularly interesting that if, for instance ,we (2 people) had to come to an agreement over (donated) money most people thought it more important to share it equally, rather than find agreement and so both  benefit possibly in an unequal fashion  (the twist was that if the parties couldn’t agree then the offer was withdrawn. How often does this situation occur in everyday life. Ie we complain about something, because someone else is receiving more than we are?


So for me I take the opportunities to photograph around the fringes at these events. Early morning, late afternoon and occasionally lunchtime or during any tagged on vacation time.


It is hard in such situations to produce much of merit, as I believe that you need to know and understand a subject to interpret it and the you need good light and that is hard to “turn on”. Furthermore I am increasingly interested in trying to produce my own interpretation or image of a subject rather than the clichéd. Nevertheless it is effort can be rewarded and it is had to resist the idea that you won’t be back for a while!


So, whilst I have several images I could have chosen to share, I have plumped for this as I believe it encapsulates the spirit of Perth for me. Perth is a young, sporting and  active city, If you walk the steps (Jacobs Ladder) upto Kings Park even at 5 am in the morning you will be jostling shoulder to shoulder with pulses of morning joggers who do laps of the several hundred steps. Alternatively you could take a stroll along the Swan river where you can see rowers and need to beware of a significant traffic of commuter cyclists. And so it was as I wondered from the conference centre towards the iconic Swan River looking south, I came across this odd collection of outdoor municipal fitness equipment. I composed placing the stepper central to the frame and lined up with the horizon with the cross bars,included the South Bank skyline catching the light, balanced with the two shrubs to the left  and enjoyed the clearing rainclouds for interest. It is almost a monument to a modern obsession with youth, health appearance and perhaps self. So there it is, my take on Perth!