Constable and exploring home territory

5 June 2012


Sunrise Invercargill

Constable and exploring home territory


John Constable is arguably England’s most respected landscape painter. Rather than painting spectacular vistas he concentrated on the working English countryside.  He had an intimate understanding of his locality and a keen observation for detail, particularly the weather and light. It is this that viewers most that people feel and identify with.

For me what is  also interesting is that he did travel through his career, for instance to the Lakes District, but his major works were made of scenes within a short distance of his home. Furthermore this was rural Suffolk, a flat and geographically unassuming and ordinary area scenery wise of England.


And so I compare with my own experience in photography and how I increasingly enjoy capturing life and landscape on my own doorstep. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I like better than to get out into wild spectacular places such as Fiordland, but life has forced me closer to home and I have found that I have had to work locations to get images and in so doing I believe that I have learnt to see and do things differently.


Furthermore I am still finding places I have never visited. One such place is the Waituna Wetlands, east of Invercargill (thank you Kelvie!).  We arrived almost on dark so I’m itching to go again but what a place, wild, windswept, big skies and big waves.

Waituna Wetlands


So a couple recent images of my locality.