Winter, Weather, Magic and i phones.

31 May 2012

Last week high pressure system, that had dominated the weather for a week, moved east and was replaced by an unsettled mix of westerly and south westerly fronts. Increasingly this is the sort of weather that i delight in ( maybe it could have been catalysed by Fiordland!). From a photographic perspective things are clean, low contrast, punchy as well as interesting. People are too preoccupied to notice that they are being photographed plus they make interesting fighting the weather shapes as well as wear and carry interesting gear. Furthermore there are puddles, reflections and if the sun comes out magic. And so it was as I traveled out of Invercargill pre- dawn this week. As darkness lifted and the rain eased I caught glimpses of a pink glow on the horizon. Whilst there were no obvious places of beauty I did know the road so pulled down a side road and started shooting. To make up for the perceived lack of subject matter but stunning light I shot on everything I had , including my i phone. This has become a revelation to me. With each upgrade the file size doubles and features improve. Also it is supported by an industry of incredible value apps. It is like “Toy Photography” Amazing, widely available and a little scary!

What do you all think?


Anyway here is the image

Woodlands i Phone

Woodlands I phone