Some stunning light and photoimpressionism

24 May 2012

Sunday aside this week has been dominated by a fig fat high and some stunning sunrises and sunsets. Maybe it is a function of the shorter days or maybe this time of year has great light ( I think so). As ever there is the dilemma of getting to work on time, so instead I managed a few grab images one evening.

A technique that has become increasingly popularĀ  is one of photoimpressionism whereby details of images are blurred infavour of colour, shape and feeling. THis can be achieved by multiple exposures or moving the camera during a longer exposure and I ‘m sure other ways that I am unaware of. I have played with this for a couple of years now and thought I was onto something new…..but as ever nah!

I have seen some stunning work in this genre but by the same token I don’t think any of these style of images would make my Top 10 images. Also when I’ve shown my attempts at this genre the feedback has been at best mixed. Yes I’m probably not the best at it!

Anyway here are two images taken consecutively at the same location. I don’t pretend they are masterpieces, but it was a stunning sunset. What do you like? What do you think about this subject?