6 May 2012



 PSNZ Letters


One of the opportunities available to PSNZ members is to submit works for consideration of “letters”.

There are 3 levels of award and full details are available on the PSNZ website.

You can start by applying for Licentiateship  or you can skip this and go straight to  Associateship . Associateship once achieved entitles you to go,after 2 years for Fellowship, where you submit a set of 18 images on a tight theme. The other grades require 10 and 12 image portfolios respectively. As I submitted an associateship I will comment on this.


Again the rules are available on the website, but for me I found it hard to be clear, even after reading these, so I offer up my interpretation of the important aspects, as someone  who has been through the process. (Remember that this is my personal opinion only)

The important aspects are:


-ability to show photographic skills/competence

-follow a theme but don’t have to




Competance and skills is presumably a given, composition, focus, exposure, processing, printing and mounting all spot on.

The theme aspect I don’t  fully understand the rules but think that for most applicants there is a theme but it is of a more general nature e.g.photoimpressionism, street photography,  arches, rather than say Queen St or arches in Christchurch Cathedral . The bottom line is that you need to approach the flow as you would a one man exhibition.

Artistic, creative

My experience was that the hardest aspects were to weave the last 3 aspects together, particularly to get a flow. My observations of the sets at conference was that flow can be achieved by such elements as style, colour, linking composition or lines.


So to my set; I took a risk and put together a set of nudes. I was interested in the form of subject.  Below a excerpt of some of the portfolio.

Final line Female Form Portfolio Roger Wandless©2012