Exhibitions, camera clubs and conventions

17 April 2012

Over the last 18 months I have been an enthusiastic member of the Southland Photographic Society. I didn’t know it at the time but I joined at a very opportune time, as  we are hosting the annual convention starting April 25 so just over a weeks time. This will be my first opportunity to attend such an event, so I’m not sure what to expect. The is reasonable when compared to commercial workshops and the programme extensive and varied. I will post on it as it happens, but suffice to say it is an exciting event. I’m not sure but I think camera clubs have come in for some negative comment from some quarters, but I have to say that my experience has been wholly positive. My experience has been of a treasure trove of talent, knowledge, passion and willingness to share, encourage and foster. And probably most importantly of all the opportunity to foster new friendships. So I commend them and thank all those enthusiastic folks who volunteer their time in the cause of camera clubs, PSNZ  and all of it’s activities. They contribute to a sharing and creation of a subculture that  is built around displaying and receiving feedback on each other’s work. This is probably the most powerful way of learning and of developing your work. I have certainly found that my photography has widened and been pushed in new directions.


Another powerful way to develop your photography is to exhibit your work.


This involves  first and foremost planning:


-decide on a theme and title


-collect or choose images that not only fit the theme but also hang together as a body of work and even better flow together


-find a venue


-process the images to as high a standard as possible


-print or have printed the images to as high a standard as possible ( this is something I am still keen to learn more about, especially in an industry awash with choice),


-frame to best display which in  my book is to find and develop a relationship with a good framer and take their advice


-hang the work, this is not something that I have thought much about but requires attention to detail such as first and foremost lighting, but also appropriate, even and level placing, labeling and pricing. Some galleries keep the pricing and labeling separate from the work but my experience of this is that it can lead to confusion about whether the work is for sale or not. It would be a shame to lose a sale on a technicality like that!


-market and publicise the work




Which brings me to the present.


Nine photographers from Southland have put together what I believe is some stunning work and certainly a ground breaking concept of a joint exhibition around a common theme. It runs until the end of the month and the opening night is on Friday April 27.


The theme is “Transcience”.