Wanaka Warbirds

16 April 2012


Since 1986 the enthusiasm of Sir Tim Wallis and other early pioneers the Warbirds biennial Airshow has gone from strength to strength. It is held just outside of Wanaka, Central Otago.

I haven’t been there for four years, so was keen to go along this time.

The main focus was relaxation, time with family and friends rather than photography.  We decided to cycle (baby on the back) as the traffic was bumper to bumper from Wanaka to the airport. I recommend it as it combines exercise, fresh air and door to door service.

The show was noticeably bigger than last time (apparently over 100,000 people have attended recent shows) and the entertainment and services  better. I love the relaxed commentary with a mixture of education, entertainment and humorous banter. From a photographic perspective the tempting images are of big planes roaring past.  I indulged in a few of them, but for me I found the spectators and other photographers more interesting; the mixture of engrossed and interesting body language and dust.






And of course bubs with the earmuffs.