March 1st Precious Moments, Transient Times and cute kids!

1 March 2012


I have  recently been home alone with Nico and this has prompted me to think about a few things.

Firstly the practical issue of being prepared, for basic needs and unforeseen eventualities. Whilst not perfect I’m not too bad at the first I’m still learning on the second. And so it was that realized the importance of a plastic ring in the assembly of a baby bottle when I found his bed soaked in milk! So once we changed his clothes, the sheets aired the bed and oh yes filled the bottle, we had some fun! So this weekend we have: played ball, read stories, been for our first bike ride (with mum) and done a couple of runs in the pram dog harnessed and pulling us all along. I’m sure neighbours and passers by have had the odd smile  as we have clattered and bounced our way along.


So from the photographic point of view things have been in one sense limited. But on the other hand I have taken a few grab shots of Nico. They are not prize winners or works of art but they have made me think.

Why do most of us buy camera’s, use cameras pay for professionals to take pictures for us? I think that it is to capture memories and record history, but in the main the memories we want to capture are our own and in particular our kids and our own history. Therein lies a fundamental truth of photography and life itself.


My wee fella has been well and truly photographed :from the drama and intensity of birth through the helplessness and perfection of the newborn and now we are at 10 months. I would have liked to have taken some more images but am grateful for the moments and memories I have recorded. So at 10 months it is fascinating to see a personality and individuality develop. He is happy to try something new (for instance potty) dances if music is on, mimics and is inquisitive. It is often my job to bath Nico and I have taken to pulling the plug out and watching bemused and amused as he flexes frantically jackknife from the hip to try and prevent it and work out where it is going. These are examples of a nascent personality developing, for me the fascinating and rewarding part of parenthood.


Below  are some recent images for fun