29 January 2012


January 28th Compliments and Testimonials


In September this year I released my third book ‘Fiordland Landscape and Life.”

This was designed from the outset to be the most significant publication of it’s kind about this special area of New Zealand. It involved numerous trips into the park by air, boat and foot over a period of 4 years, covering the entire area of this huge (1.2million hectare) park. The intent was to visually document every fiord, lake and major landmark within the park and to do so with each image being as artistically stunning, as possible. The book has been self published and so by necessity I have been heavily involved in every aspect of production: planning, design, printing and marketing.


I would like to pay tribute to a couple of people who have given special help, my wife Kara, designer Lana Osborne and the staff from Everbest Printing. As many of you, know this is something I do in my spare time and is very much a labour of love. When you produce a book it is an exercise in commitment and vulnerability: be it resources or putting your work out into the public arena for comment.


All this brings me to the point of this weeks blog. I received two notable pieces of feedback that I am pleased to share:


-from Wilderness Magazine, Feb 2012 (reviewer Shaun Barnett, himself a renowned and respected landscape photographer and in my opinion impressive wordsmith


but with some of his landscape panoramics he can equal even the like of Andris Apse with a jaw-dropping image of sheer brutal Fiordland majesty”….”this is impressive panoramic photography, making a book to savour.”


And then an e mail from the master himself Andris Apse

-“I think your book is the best I have seen of Fiordland, some  excellent moody images that I would be proud to call my own. I am going to order a copy for myself”


I am grateful to both of these men. Kind words can make a difference but are sometimes hard to give. I have never met Andris Apse but he has been a huge inspiration for me with his groundbreaking book New Zealand Landscapes and subsequent work Landscape and Light,  collections of exquisite images of New Zealand. His comments are a mark of the generous spirit of the man and are a huge vindication for me.


So I encourage you look at the book, see what you think, spread the word and hopefully buy a copy.


Below is an image from the book.

Sportsmans Cove Dusky Sound