Rugby World Cup 2011

16 September 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011!

No all Blacks, No Ritchie MCCaw , Dan Carter,but Scotland and Goergia and The One News Breakfast team arrived in Invercargill this week. After much waiting and typical Southern disinterest in the hype, when the moment arrived we dusted off  our raincoats, opened our doors and got out and supported this once in a lifetime event and have welcomed our visitors.

Around the town hotels are full and locals are hosting strangers from the all over.

We missed Saturday’s game between Scotland and Romania and should have gone to see England and Argentina at the new stadium in Dunedin, so we ventured out on a chilly September evening to Rugby Park, opting for the “comfort” but as it turns out freedom and fun and colour of the terraces.

The game was a dour tryless affair probably not helped by the steady rain.From a photography standpoint this provided for more opportunities as you will see below.

Good games were had byScotlan’s Kelly Brown, Rory and Sean Lamont and captain Rory Lawson. And for Georgia Mamuka Gorgodze.

Meanwhile a pellet of books makes it’s way to Invercargill, the Eagle is about to land. Watch this space!