D-photo competition award 2011

26 May 2011

Roger Wandless photography - St Marks, Venice


The beginning!

Have finally got myself organized an into the 21st Century and have the pleasure of introducing this my addition to the world of blog.


I started the week with a pleasant surprise when my wife handed me my mail which included the latest edition of D-Photo. I had entered the competition because I wanted to win the Nikon D3000 for a camera for her but also to try and win a significant competition, something which has successfully eluded me. As a consequence I had sympathy with the argument that winning was merely endorsement by a particular judge.

Anyway I had received a call from the magazine several weeks ago to request I send a larger file but then had heard nothing, so had resigned myself to the position of honourable mentions. So with that in mind I opened up this months edition to find out what the images were that did win. I have to say that it appeared to be a successful competition with over 2000 entrants and the winners were also of a high caliber. Coming to the travel section there it was my image! I’d finally won something!


It has prompted to explore the relevance of photography competitions as part of our development as a photographer?  I think that it is great as a way of giving confidence and gaining validation for your ones work. On the other hand we may try and photograph to a formula rather than true to our own view of the world! What do you think?


Anyway here it is, the winning image

section competitions/nikon2011/travel